Our Policies

Tour Cancellations, Cancellation Insurance & Refunds

Our Cancellation Policy

Reservations are held with cash, traveller’s checks, or a major credit card. We HIGHLY recommend making a reservation. Many tourists have spent a lot of money and vacation time only to arrive in Kelowna and find that we have no space available for the time they are here. We are a small business in a small city – we do not overbook. Please make your reservations early. We are unable to reserve tours, excursions, or places on a boat until we receive full payment in advance. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you make a reservation with us, it’s a reservation. That means this is a contractual commitment to both yourself and our company. If you book a group, boat, theme-tour, scuba dive, fishing excursion, whatever, we will tell other people inquiring for your dates “Not Available.” It’s 100% guaranteed. For that reason, any cancellations within 48 hours (forfeiture of deposit or full payment if fully paid in advance).

48 hours or more prior to excursion date – 100% refund and also NO SHOWS, NO REFUND.

If we feel that conditions are not safe due to wind, lightning, or the forecast calling for an 80% chance of rain, we may have to cancel the tour with options for another day that is available.  If we don’t have availability, or you can not do another day, we then offer a gift card for the full amount that does not expire and is fully transferable. Note that customers can cancel a tour as long as it’s outside of the 48-hour window of your departure time.

Note: Our boats are pretty well equipped in cases where we might have some rain showers. The Harris pontoon has a full enclosure and Serendipity has a pretty decent extendable roof.

If you purchased the cancellation policy then that window for cancellation is 2 hours.

The most common and easy way of reserving your tour(s) is by calling our office at 250-859-4187 and using your Visa or Mastercard. You can also use our extremely safe and secure “Book-Now” feature on our website. It is Norton Secured and verified by VeriSign and we respond right away with your confirmation, It’s that simple.

Luxury Lake Tours Cancelation Policy

Two years ago the world was hit with Covid 19 and tourism took a serious hit. What we did was take the steps to protect our guests and offer a program in case they needed to cancel on short notice. That’s when the idea of creating an insurance-type policy so you could cancel your tour without being charged for late cancellation. Ever since its introduction, it’s been a huge hit with customers and because of this, we have implemented the policy full-time for the years to come.

Now your hard-earned money is protected.

Now you can cancel your tour just two hours prior to your tour’s departure time and still receive a full refund (less the fee paid for the policy). Our normal policy that is standard in the industry is outside of 48 hours of the tour’s departure time. No cancellations inside of that time or you could forfeit your fees paid.

How does our cancellation policy work when not purchased?

As mentioned above there are no cancellations within the 48 hours of departure unless it is cancelled by us. This can happen when foul weather hits or an incident occurs that is not within our control, in this case, a few options are given.

  1. We offer you another day, if you can not do another day then we offer a full refund to a coupon that has NO EXPIRARY.
  2. Failing that we may offer a refund less handling/credit card fees, which will be around 15%  to 20% of what you paid.
  3. In rare circumstances that prevent the cancellation charges, then we may offer a full refund.

Our Code of Conduct

Your tour experience should be a positive one. The following promotes a safe and enjoyable environment for you, our guests, and our tour guides. By confirming this reservation for yourself and other guests, you assume full responsibility for all guests on your reservation, and further understand and agree to the following:

NO smoking is permitted on the boat.

NO pets are permitted on the boat.

Spills, excessive soiling, and/or damage to the vessel will be subject to a $250 fee, to be charged to the same credit card used to confirm the reservation.

Luxury Lake Tours reserves the right to refuse service to any guest for any type of misconduct, inebriation, or other unruly behaviour. Separate transportation for disruptive guests may be arranged at the discretion of the guide, and at the expense of the guest. Tour fees will not be refunded to disruptive guests.

Luxury Lake Tours shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and lost income or funds in any way due to, resulting from, or arising in connection with the service provided; including its contract and any contract assessed through our office, use of that agreement, and /or display or performance of any agreement, regardless of any negligence by any party.

Alcohol Policy

With new laws placed for boating and drinking while out on Lake Okanagan, the big question is, is it legal?

With the current laws that the Government has in place, and has been in place for some time now, the the big question is…“can you drink and boat?”  The answer is quite simple…NO you can not. The laws are fairly close to that of driving a car and we all now that law, so why have we seen so many people drinking on the lake while operating a boat? The laws have been fairly relaxed for some time now, until this past summer (2018) they now have stomped there foot down and looking to get complete compliance due to recent accidents that have involving alcohol. The RCMP will now treat you as if you are drinking and driving and give you a breathalyzer, so its simple, DON’T DRINK AND OPERATE A BOAT! If you do, and you get caught, that could mean jail time and a hefty fine and who knows what else. The laws also state that you can not have alcohol on board and be consuming it, just like a vehicle, and just like those laws you will also be treated in the same manner.

So what about LUXURY LAKE TOURS, can you drink on the boat?

The laws state that to be able to drink on a boat, you must have three requirements;

  1. A bathroom with holding tank
  2. A bed to sleep
  3. A place to store and make food (onboard fridge, running water etc.)

Serendipity has all of these features made right from the factory making it 100% legal to drink on just as long as you are the legal drinking age of B.C. laws. Now obviously the Captain, Guides, or Staff of LLT can not consume alcohol while on duty, and this is why the RCMP love us, we take care of our guests ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable holiday and they know that, they even stop by to do a quick drive-by and give us a wave and say “have a great time guys!”

So, if you are thinking of renting a boat and plan to do some drinking, think it over. For basically the same price of a rental you can have a way better boat with way more features, enjoy some drinks all while being catered to by a friendly and knowledgeable licensed Captain and not having to worry about an accident. Another popular reason why so many visitors book with us is many people are not familiar with this massive lake and its many hidden obstacles. Another option is to utilize one of the other touring outfits. Most of them are outstanding companies with fantastic credentials, but if someone tries to sell you that “absolutely you can drink on this boat” and it doesn’t have the aforementioned requirements, then he’s lying and putting you and your family at risk and is breaking the laws.

Have a look at the video below, created summer of 2018 and talks the laws of drinking and boating.

COVID 19 Policy

Spring/summer 2021

The regulations that Dr.Henry has set for us and other tour operators on Lake Okanagan have been working extremely well for us with virtually no issues. For our spring summer season we continue to operate under the same guidelines and if changed will be updated on this page. These regulations are as follows;

Prior to guests boarding

  • washing down and disinfecting all surfaces of the interior of the boat including the bathroom below before and after any new customers board.
  • We will as the five COVID19 questions to everyone prior to boarding. Anyone that answers any of these questions with a YES may be refused entry.
  • We will request all guests to sanitize their hands with supplied sanitizer as they board.
  • All customers are required to have masks while boarding and may not remove them unless authorized by the captain.
  • The captain shall wear a mask at all times while under power.