Add-Ons and Upgrades for Experiences and Tours.

Tubing upgrades 

All tours EXCEPT the one hour experience includes either the wakeboard OR the 3 person rider “The Mable” (shown below). No tubing or wakeboard is given for the one hour due to time constraints.

The WOW UTO (unidentified tubing object) – Upgrade your 2 man tube to the UTO

The Super UFO 6 rider/person Island AND towable – Upgrade your 2 man tube OR switch from the UTO to the SUPER UFO

The DISC – This unique single rider water disc can be ridden by kneeling, standing or laying – Upgrade your 2 man tube to the DISC


Other Fantastic Add-Ons

$50.00 – Go-Pro Add-On!

We have two Go-Pros mounted on Serendipity, one on the tube tower, and one on our sun canopy. We control the recordings from a dash-mounted screen and record when either requested and when out in the water tubing or wakeboarding. We can either hand over the SD Cards at the end of the day, or professionally edit the video for you and email a download link in a few days. Price is for SD Cards.