Sunset Cruises

There is something about sunsets that flicks a switch within us when we see them, they mesmerize us, they relax us, and we always want more. When I lived in the British Virgin Islands, which happens to have some of the best sunsets in the world, I didn't think i would ever see great ones again, but oh boy was I wrong. The sunsets here in summer are world class and there is no better way to experience them than to be on the lake with good friends, great music, and maybe some good Okanagan wine.

We offer the Okanagan Sunset Cruise, from **6pm to 8pm at one of the best prices anywhere in the Okanagan, why? because we LOVE them too! When we do the tour, we start at the northern end of the lake in the Kelowna area, we typically cruise the Millionaires Alley and head south under the bridge, following the sun as it begins to set. Just as it begins to hit the mountains, we cross the lake heading east and again, follow the sun and its amazing sunsets, sunsets that you will never forget!

Join us this summer to experience one!!!

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Best Seasons:Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Lower Mission,

Ways to end your evening

Okanagan Summer Sunsets

    Dinner And A Cruise – The Hotel Eldorado

    3.5 Hours

    Dinner at the Award Winning Hotel Eldorado and TWO Cruises! Lakeside dining at the famous Hotel Eldorado. An evening spent in the Hotel Eldorado’s award-winning Kelowna lakeside restaurant will be an evening to remember. Executive Chef, Marc Schoene strives to…

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      An Okanagan Sunset Cruise

      2 hours

      Save $50.00 On This Two Hour Experience This two hour cruise starts off with a gentle scenic ride by the bridge and by the beaches. We then settle in for a relaxing float to watch the valleys amazing sunset. Enjoy…

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