High Octane Experiences for 2019

Looking for that unique summer time water sport activity that leaves you with a smile permanently ingrained on your face? Get your friends or family together and try one of our many adrenalyn  based packages. WOW Adventure tubing on our 5 rider UTO Starship, or the Super UFO that seats 6, we also have a 3 rider couch called the  3G, a tube that you can either ride forwards or backwards like a chariot! We also offer The Disc, a 4 foot round thin disk that you can ride, stand, squat or kneel on and spin and huck air with!

Another great way to get that adrenalyn going is to strap the Wakeboard on and catch some air! We have 2 and 3 hour packages available as well as a Learn To Wakeboard experience that is 2 hours in length.

If either of those two experiences aren't your thing, maybe some Cliff Jumping is! Our Half Day Package is what you want, here you can combine some tubing, some swimming, sightseeing along the Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park and then for the finale, jumping The Cliffs at Squallee Point

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Best Seasons:May, June, July
Popular Location:The Cliffs, Pauls Tomb, Okanagan Park

Adrenalyn and High Octane

The best bets for extreme summer fun!

    Learn To Wakeboard

    2 Hours

    We teach you the steps to progress from your first ride on a wakeboard to your first jumps off the wakes Learning to wakeboard, everyone is doing it, its fun, its healthy and you are with friends and you are…

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