We specialize in FUN!

We offer a lot of fun stuff to do, in fact, we offer the more activities than any one else on the lake.

Sometimes, you may just want to sit back, relax, catch some sun and watch the world go by! Other times, you may want to cool off and bust out some serious fun with the water toys that the Serendipity includes on all its tours and charters.

Whether you are 9 or 79, there is something for you! Located within the hulls of the boat are massive storage compartments that haul all of its toys. Located below is a list of water toys  that we include. If you do not see something that you may wish to have, please let us know and we will try our best to get it.


Included in ALL tours;   **except for the one hour charter

  • Floaties & Noodles
  • Wakeboard
  • The Thing
  • Water skies
  • The Rock n Roll 3 rider (UTO Starship or Super UFO for an additional fee)


Optional Add-Ons at the checkout;

  • The UTO Starship (Unidentified Tubing Object) 5 rider towable tube
  • UTO Starship or Super UFO 5 rider/island towable tube.
  • Film your adventure with our GoPro’s that have 5 mounting locations – take the SD card, or have us professionally edit a film for you!
  • We love special requests, if you have one, let us know, we are at your service!
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