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Written by Lynda (Paul) Doyle: Great, great Granddaughter of Rembler Paul

Legendary Rembler Paul 01Who was Rembler Paul? He was a generous, strong, confident character who was concerned with the humane treatment of animals. An eccentric, a cunning entrepreneur, an adventurous soul, a pioneer, a practised disciplinarian and was a good Conservative. Rembler Paul was a man who cared about his family.

As I grew up, my mother enjoyed relating to us kids all of the family history. While her side of the family was keenly interesting, my dad’s side held the intrigue. (My Dad was Bernard George Paul). My older brother and I had the opportunity as young teens to go on a camping vacation with our Grandma and our Uncle (circa 1965), and one of the stops in British Columbia was to see the Paul Tomb. Our great, great grandfather, Rembler and his wife, Elizabeth were buried there, and we could not wait to embark on this adventure. Family lore suggested that the eldest son of each generation could be buried there, thus setting my brother Barrie up for many occasions of taunting sibling rivalry. My mom also told us that the family cat was buried with Elizabeth.  ** read more**


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