Drinking and Luxury Lake Tours

Rocking the rental boat – drinking and boating

It’s the July long weekend, you have the van all packed up, kids gear ready to go, ample supply of ice and cold beers cooling and ready to head off to Kelowna for a weekend of sun, fun, beaches and hopefully…some boating. You don’t have  boat and plan on renting one. You get to your campground on a beautiful 32 degree evening and you settle in around the campfire with the kids and stick cook some hot dogs and indulge in some nice cold beers! Earlier that evening you called up the local marina where you just dropped $850.00 to rent a boat for Saturday.

In the morning you pack up the family and head off at 9am to the marina to check in for that nice ol rental boat. You get the safety briefing and because you are generally a noob when it comes to driving a boat, you ask a few questions about safety and a few about the lake. You then haul on the coolers filled with all those yummy beers, coolers, a bottle of Fireball, oh and some Pepsi for the kids.

A few hours in, and a cooler of beers later, you are cruising along when you get distracted by a boat ripping by with a boat full of women and kids pumping loud rap music. This is the last thing you remember, you wake up in the hospital in a lot of pain wearing a ton of bandages. The Dr. comes in with a few people and two mounted police and says…. Mr.Jeff, we are sorry to tell you that you lost your wife and two kids, they did not survive the accident. One of the mounties moves in and informs him that your blood level was 1.5 and that he is under arrest for DUI, and murder.

This story is fictional, but happens way more than you think. Do not put yourself or anyone else at harm when boating and drinking, its illegal, just like driving a car, it is the same…. same charges and same laws.

Luxury Lake Tours believes in your safety, this is why we offer the pick up/drop off service to all customers, this is why all of our wine and boating combos we include ALL the transportation, we pick you up, and drop you off! Lastly, Serendipity is one of the ONLY commercially run and insured small vessels that you are ALLOWED to consume alcoholic drinks on. Why rent that boat? Why go with some other boat service that does not offer the services that we have?

Laws require you to have a bathroom, a bed and facilities to make food…Serendipity has those features


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