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Drinking and Luxury Lake Tours

Rocking the rental boat - drinking and boating It's the July long weekend, you have the van all packed up, kids gear ready to go, ample supply of ice and cold beers cooling and ready to head off to Kelowna for a weekend of sun, fun, beaches and hopefully...some boating. You don't have  boat and plan on renting one. You get to your campground on a beautiful 32 degree evening…


What to wear when you go boating

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Plan for all weather conditions No matter what the forecast says, or what the weather is like before you leave, be prepared for both cold and windy and blazing hot sunshine. Pack sunscreen and a hat (make sure it fits properly as that pesky wind can strike at any time) as well as something warm to throw on like a denim shirt or utility jacket. Choose the right footwear…

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